mClinic – Clinic Management System

Renovate your Hospital & Clinic into Digital System with mClinic App a Clinic Management Mobile App. Be the Change.

How to Use App ?


How as a patient you can benefit from this app?

For a patient it is very important to get the right medical treatment at the right time.

How to get this app?

mClinic is available on Google play store.

How this app make the whole process hassle free for you?

This app helps you right from the start.

Is mClinic easy to use app?

It is designed to make it a very user friendly app.

Do mClinic charge any money for using it?

It is absolutely free app. It charges no money.


What is mClinic App All About?

mClinic App is a free online application to manage your clinic or hospital efficiently.

How to get this app?

You can download this app from Google play store.

What to do after installing the app?

After installing the app you will be required.

What does this app offers you?

The app has multitude of benefits for you as a doctor.

What additional facilities this app provides?

Apart from better managing your clinic


Systems Features

User Friendly

Our versatile application is as basic as anybody can use. Our straightforward UI encourages all Patient to use with.

Appointment & Scheduling

Appointment can be made from anywhere which help in reducing the time for calling and paper work.

Prescription Management

Prescription will be uploaded in the application in order to decrease the time of the manual search.

Doctor Profile

Based on the profile and availability of the doctor, appointment and daily schedules will placed.


All payment details like pending and paid payment can see in single module. Also, can be import from Mobile Phone.

Reception Management

Updates of any Patient/Doctor can be queried from this module of System.

Why us over others?

We have integrated our complete Clinic Management System with simple UI interface application. This helps us to create a hole-new digital System for Hospital and Clinic.

We provide various unique Clinic Management System Features that makes your work easy and fast.

Appointment Management System

The most difficult and headache part of any hospital / clinic is taking appointment waiting in a long queue.

mClinic App, provide in-build Clinic Appointment Management System which reduces the time of paper that old system takes.

You can check available time slots of the day and book an appointment with your phone.

Prescription Management System

Other think that we need all warrior of is bunch of paper for doctor prescription that we need to carry each time.

Our Clinic Management App features a special module for prescription, though this you can easily get your all prescription details along with the date of visits.

Payment Management System

Easy Patient has different payment history and method to pay the fees and that can be more time consuming and has great headache on the account section regarding collection of the fees.

Our Hospital Management Application provides payment management as per the patient about the pending bill and method of payment done with date to easily track the payment.

Reception Management System

Our all the work is done with a single mobile application that make it easy for receptionist to manage appointment and payment.

With real-time status update it will be easy to identify the daily appointments details.


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